Bonnie Lowenthal cohosts Holocaust memorial, honors survivor from LB

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) co-hosted the Capitol’s annual observance of Holocaust Memorial Day on Monday, May 2, in the Assembly Chamber, an event that drew survivors, liberators and their children from all over the state. Survivors and liberators were seated among the lawmakers, as the full Assembly marked the memory of the Holocaust.

More Burroughs alumni, staff share memories

By Rachael Rifkin Staff Writer So many people have come forward to share their memories and reflections of Burroughs Elementary School that the Signal Tribune has decided to make “Burroughs Elementary staff share memories of their school that will soon close” a three- or four-parter. The tight-knit school opened in 1950 and is slated for…

A history of California redevelopment

1945 California Community Redevelopment Act allows cities and counties to establish redevelopment agencies to tackle urban blight (substantial, prevalent adverse physical and economic conditions) that hampers development and expansion within a community.

Seals of approval

Assistant to the City Manager Rebecca Burleson presented a visual history of Signal Hill’s city seals during Tuesday’s city council meeting on Jan. 4. The seals date as far back as 1924. Unfortunately, many of the names of the original artists who designed the seals have been lost. Burleson said they hope to use these…

Veterans Saluted

Last Saturday’s Long Beach Veterans Day Parade featured bands, military processionals, veterans groups, grand marshals, local dignitaries, children’s groups, law-enforcement vehicles and personnel as well as local businesses showing their appreciation for veterans.

Neighborhood association wins award for saving historic home

The Willmore City Heritage Association (WCHA) in Long Beach has won first place in Neighborhoods, USA’s Neighborhood of the Year Award 2010 national competition in the category of Physical Revitalization– Single Neighborhood. The project saved a 106-year-old house from demolition, moved and restored it, helped a local family buy it and removed two blighted, vacant…