May 5, 2017 | Signal Tribune

The Cinco De Mayo issue of the Signal Tribune features stories about: Ernie Kell, Long Beach’s first mayor; a community meeting about crime prevention; and discussion about new campaign-finance rules. Read down below.

April 7, 2017 | Signal Tribune

The April 7th issue of the Signal Tribune is headlined with stories about the Port of Long Beach, a couple reflecting about their life and service in the Salvation Army, and Rep. Alan Lowenthal and his House colleague’s urge for a vote to release President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Read the entire issue down below.

March 10, 2017 | Signal Tribune

The March 10 issue features stories on the unofficial results of the Signal Hill election, a lawsuit over the City of Long Beach’s pipelines, and future plans for a Signal Hill property that previously included a Fresh & Easy site.