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By Neena Strichart

Today, April 22, is a special day for many reasons. First of all, it is Good Friday, a very sacred day for many of us. On a more personal note, today is the day after our 21st wedding anniversary. Yep, we were married 21 years ago on the 21st. Last night we had a great dinner out and then headed home to spend a quiet evening at home with our pets. The big celebration will be Saturday night when Mom treats us to dinner. Not just about our anniversary, Saturday evening’s festivities will include Steve’s brother Robert– his birthday is, you guessed it, today. Mom had a great plan when she decided we should all get together this weekend. Steve’s birthday is in March, Robert’s birthday and our wedding anniversary is in April, and my birthday is in May. According to Mom, one big lush night on the town should count for all the occasions. I must say, I agree and am looking forward to “dining out” instead of just stopping somewhere to “feed!”
Speaking of dining, my gal pal Shari took me out for a fabulous dinner a couple of weeks ago. What a wonderful evening. We “dined” for two and a half hours at the Fireside at the Riviera in Orange County. Let’s just say we started with a flaming spinach and bacon salad and went on to even more decadent fare. Scrumptious– I’m smiling just writing about it. I’m racking my brain to figure out where I will take her when it’s my turn to treat– that will be a tough act to follow!
Getting back to today’s date, oh yes, it is also Cindy Orozco’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY! Owners of Orozco’s Auto Repair, Cindy and her husband Servando are two of our favorite advertisers/friends. Always friendly and willing to give of themselves, the Orozcos are a very important part of the Bixby Knolls business community. We are fortunate to have them in our lives.
Hmmm, what am I leaving out? Just kidding– last, but certainly not least, today is Brett Ashley Hawkins’ 21st birthday. Brett is one of our very talented writers and a wonderful young man. Many of you know his father, Mark Hawkins. Mark is the owner of InkPeace, a business that recycles and refills computer ink and toner cartridges. You’ve probably seen him driving around town in his decked-out Smart Car featuring the InkPeace logo. Mark introduced us to his son years ago, and we are ever so grateful. Brett not only writes for us, he also goes to school and works quite a busy schedule at Disneyland. We are hoping he will stop by today for a little birthday treat– if he can find time on such an important day. We love you, Brett. Have fun– but be safe!

<strong>Brett Ashley Hawkins</strong>

Brett Ashley Hawkins

<strong>Brett in his younger days</strong>

Brett in his younger days

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