Parents and teachers planning local rally to oppose state’s education budget cuts

On behalf of children educated in public schools in California, Long Beach parents, teachers, and Educate Our State (a parent-led, statewide campaign) are organizing parents and supporters in a show of solidarity and frustration with the current educational system and the lack of support by the California legislature.
The groups have organized a rally at Longfellow Elementary School, 3800 Olive Ave., at 4pm on Tuesday, May 24 to show local support for this statewide issue and demonstrate parents’ objection to the potential massive budget cuts facing their schools.
“Without the passage of the revenue-extension measures by our legislature, our schools will cut nearly 20,000 teachers statewide, see burgeoning class sizes and elimination of nearly all enrichment programs,” said Linda Shaffer of Educate Our State.
For more information about “Wake Up California!” and rallies scheduled in specific areas, visit or

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