Thoughts from the Publisher

By Neena Strichart

Okay, folks. Get your taste buds in gear. It looks as if Kashiwa Restaurant will be opening in about a month. As I reported a while back, the former owners of Kinokawa Restaurant have taken over the former location of Koyo Restaurant in Signal Hill (across from Costco near Turner Outdoorsman, 2201 E. Willow– to be exact). I had the honor of taking a tour of the new establishment Wednesday afternoon with the owners Keichi and Saki Nakai and found myself almost as excited as they are.
The place, still under interior redesign, shows promise of being a soothing and welcoming dining experience for all us Japanese food fans. As some of you know, Steve and I are truly sushi fanatics, and we sure welcome a fix closer to home!
And for more restaurant news….While having dinner Wednesday evening at Suba Sushi and Tapas Lounge, owner Chef David came over to greet me and to give me the okay to let our readers know that he will be moving his fusion restaurant sometime in September from its current location, 3550 Long Beach Blvd., to 3736 Atlantic Ave. When I passed the word on to Mom, she was ecstatic, since she lives at Bixby Knolls Towers– directly across the street from the site of the new Suba. Now don’t wait until they move– go over and get your fill of their Japanese and Spanish fare, as well as the tastiest sangria I’ve ever experienced– both red and white!
On another topic…next Tuesday is my birthday, and my dear husband recently asked me what I wanted to do for my special day. I so appreciated his thoughtfulness but felt a bit nervous about telling him what I really want and plan to do. The City of Signal Hill will hold its annual budget workshop that evening at 6:00, and that is where I want to be. I know it doesn’t sound like a very festive evening to most folks– but hey, I spent both my 21st and 50th birthdays at Signal Hill council meetings. Some might say I need to “get a life.” My reply? I have one, thanks.

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