LB Playhouse to host exhibit of art created by Starbucks employees

<strong>Creator of Soapbox Patricia Garza (right) with Andy Macasil, Starbucks partner and artist</strong>

Creator of Soapbox Patricia Garza (right) with Andy Macasil, Starbucks partner and artist

This weekend, employees from local Starbucks stores and their friends and family will unite to showcase their artistic talents in a festival of art and passion called Soapbox.
Producer and creator of Soapbox and former Starbucks partner, Patricia Garza, hopes the event will inspire the public to view retail employees differently. She originally founded Soapbox four years ago to give her fellow Starbucks employees an artistic outlet to showcase their talents.
“I started this event as an avenue for partners to express themselves,” Garza said.  “A lot of my coworkers have so much artistic talent. After hearing them lament to me how difficult it was for them to find chances to share their talents with the public, I founded Soapbox. We hope to show the public that the people who serve you coffee have a whole lot more to offer than just a latte.”
Soapbox will be presented Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4 in the Long Beach Playhouse Art Gallery, 5021 E. Anaheim St. Free parking available in the parking lot behind the theatre. Gallery will open at 6:45pm with performances starting at 7pm and ending at 11pm. Admission is $2.  

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