Beautification project benefits downtown preschool

<strong>Volunteers from Glidden Paints and the Home Depot Foundation helped repaint First Lutheran Preschool, which has been operating in a 60-year-old building.</strong>

Volunteers from Glidden Paints and the Home Depot Foundation helped repaint First Lutheran Preschool, which has been operating in a 60-year-old building.

Through the donations of Glidden Paints and The Home Depot Foundation, First Lutheran Preschool on Atlantic Avenue and 9th Street has received a “facelift.” Glidden not only donated 75 gallons of paint but also provided 11 Los Angeles Pacific Central managers to coordinate and complete the painting. Volunteers from First Lutheran Church also assisted and provided lunch. The Home Depot Foundation gave a $500 grant to help offset the cost of supplies for the painting.
“As the new director at First Lutheran Christian Preschool, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of Glidden Paints and The Home Depot Foundation, and I’m so excited about the new look our preschool will have because the community in Long Beach cares so much,” said preschool director Marie Elliott.
The preschool operates in a 60-year-old building and has been teaching and caring for children since 1984. Its enrollment reflects Long Beach’s multicultural demographics. Active in the community, First Lutheran Church has an after-school program for neighborhood children and a Saturday Outreach program with Lutheran Social Services that includes English classes for adults and crafts, sports and Bible time for children. Its facilities are also used by a variety of community groups.
“It is with pleasure and corporate pride that Glidden has had the opportunity to give back to the local community here in Los Angeles County,” said Glidden Paints Regional Sales Vice President Jay Harris. “With the help and support of Glidden’s number-one customer, The Home Depot, we were able to literally brighten the lives of the children of the First Lutheran Church Preschool here in Long Beach. We represent a company, AkzoNobel Paints North America, that has a rich heritage in giving back to the community, and this is just one of many examples on how a customer and supplier have come together to strengthen the community unit. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children as they enter a learning environment brightened by our products is priceless. We really enjoy helping the local community especially when children are involved. My thanks to our partner suppliers, Don Cullen and Sherry Caraway, of The Home Depot, for helping make this event a true success.”
The volunteers from Glidden were Bret Bastain, Susan Brewster, Tony Diaz, Doug Ebel, Jaime Gonzalez, Jay Harris, Bill Harrison, Shawn Kim, Brandon Lee, Frank Monroy, Dan Stewart and Kevin Sullivan.  
“Together with many other churches in downtown Long Beach, First Lutheran is working to serve the neighborhood community in appropriate ways,” noted the church’s Pastor Doug Johnstone. “We appreciate the kind of partnerships we can forge, such as with Glidden Paints and The Home Depot, to more effectively serve with the people of the downtown neighborhood.”
“We are delighted to support local volunteer projects aimed at creating and maintaining stable and healthy communities,” said Kelly Caffarelli, president, The Home Depot Foundation. “First Lutheran Church deserves enormous credit for the work it is doing and we are glad to be part of their efforts.”

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