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Quilt for topper

The quilt featured on the front-page topper this week was made by Pam Helgesen, who is a native and current resident of Ketchikan, Alaska.
Helgesen began quilting in 1993 and took her first class in quilting in 1994. “The reason I started trying to quilt was to fulfill a promise that was made to a friend of mine,” Helgesen said. “In 1980, my best friend’s mom promised that one day she would make my friend another quilt. My friend’s mom died before she could fulfill that promise. It always stuck with me, and I had to keep that promise for me to have peace of mind.”
Since then, Helgesen has joined the Ketchikan-based guild called Rainy Day Quilters. “I have made hundreds of quilts,” she said. “I also donate quilts to the local hospital for kids in need and made bibs for the local adult home in Ketchikan. Quilting has made my life wonderful and complete. I’ve made the best of friends, and it all started with my best friend.”
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