Found Theatre to show doc on iconic Kiwi twins

<strong>The Topp Twins’ political activism and unique brand of entertainment have helped change New Zealand’s social landscape.</strong>

The Found Theatre, 599 Long Beach Blvd., will screen the documentary The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, which is about New Zealand’s beloved cultural icons, on Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 at 8pm, and on Sunday, July 24 at 3pm.
Winner of the Cadillac People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, The Topp Twins:Untouchable Girls tells the story of the world’s only comedic, singing, yodeling lesbian twin sisters, Lynda and Jools Topp, whose political activism and unique brand of entertainment have helped change New Zealand’s social landscape.
As well as rarely seen archive footage and home movies, the film features candid chats with some of the Topps’ infamous comedy alter-egos, including the two Kens, Camp Mother and Camp Leader, the Bowling Ladies and the Posh Socialite sisters, Prue and Dilly.
Directed by award-winning former BBC documentary filmmaker Leanne Pooley, The Topp Twins follows the girls from their happy childhood on a dairy farm, where they grew up singing to the cows, to the Territorial Army, as well as the heady days performing on the streets of Auckland during the political protest marches of the early ‘80s.
By 1998, Lynda Topp, as Camp Mother, very nearly won the mayoral election in Auckland, and the Topps became firmly entrenched in Kiwi culture with their own prime-time TV series Do Not Adjust Your Twinset.
This is the story not only of two unique sisters, but of half a century of cultural changes in New Zealand and the foundation of a national identity. Part concert film, part biopic, part historical record, and a big part comedy, it shares the twins’ journey from “coming out,” to Jools’s recent brush with breast cancer, with a great deal of laughter, honesty and wisdom.
Tickets are $8. Movie refreshments, wine and beer available.

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