Expansion moves LB closer to 1,000-acre open space goal

Orizaba Park DemolitionLong Beach 4th District Councilman Patrick O’Donnell and representatives from the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency were on hand for Saturday’s building demolition adjacent to Orizaba Park.
The removal of the buildings—three former businesses and a house—made way for the expansion of the park by approximately 3.72 acres. The expansion of the park was labeled a priority project by the 4th District Council office and the Central Area Project Committee, the community group that makes recommendations to the Redevelopment Agency.
“The residents and businesses of the 4th District are excited by the expansion of Orizaba Park, which is a vital part of our community,” O’Donnel said. “The city is working closely with stakeholders to ensure that the park is developed in such a way that meets the needs of those who use it. This is truly a collaborative project among residents, businesses and city staff, and a process that will lead to the best possible plan to work.
The park expansion will add toward the City Open Space Plan goal of acquiring 1,000 more acres of parks and open space to ensure eight acres for every 1,000 citizens.
The buildings were located at 14th Street and Orizaba Avenue. The Redevelopment Agency acquired the properties, relocated the tenants and is now working with city, local residents and nearby businesses to develop a plan for the expansion of the park.
“This is part of the Redevelopment Agency’s ongoing effort to revitalize communities by removing troubled businesses and expanding our parks and open space,” said Patrick West, director of the Community Development Department and executive director of the Redevelopment Agency. “The city is committed to creating parks for children that are attractive, safe and add to the overall health of our communities.”
Additional investment has been made in the park, including $25,000 from the Redevelopment Agency, which is also working with The Arts Council of Long Beach to introduce public art into the park’s design.

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