Art of the Matter

<strong>"City Life” by Marilyn Geyer, acrylic on canvas</strong>

Marilyn Geyer is a native of Southern California with roots in Norway, where she studied painting in her early years with Norwegian impressionist Johannes Kolbel. Later, while living in the Bay Area, she continued her study at California College of the Arts in Oakland.
Geyer has been teaching in Long Beach for a decade. After being laid off this year due to budget cuts, she decided to devote herself to her first love– painting– and will be showing her work at FreeSpirit Yoga during the First Fridays Art Walk in November.
“I am amazed by the mystery of life and its ongoing battle of conflicting elements and qualities,” Geyer said. “My paintings reflect the chaotic nature of our world. I use a bright, colorful palette that reveals the untamed beauty amidst the turmoil. I often add dimension to my canvases to portray a hidden, underlying meaning to life.”

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