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Although artist Pat Harper’s education and career were focused on economics and mathematics, there has always been what she calls “some craft” that she was exploring on the side. Stamping, clay, beading, and silk painting all held her interest for a while, but fused glass has sparked her imagination for the last seven years. 
“It started quite innocently enough,” Harper says. “I just wanted to make some dichroic glass jewelry for myself, so I took a class. And I was hooked! I think I may have been a crow in a former life since I am mesmerized by shiny glass objects.”

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It’s not a glamorous craft, however, according to Harper. “My studio is half of a garage, and my fingers are constantly bandaged, but it’s what you’ll find me doing most days and thoroughly enjoying the challenge of it.”
Since her initial foray into dichroic jewelry, she has branched out into larger items of fused glass, including votives, vases, sushi plates, small dishes, “coral” bowls and display art pieces. Some of her creations can be seen on Facebook, under the company name Ephemera. “The name Ephemera refers to the transitory state of things in our world,” Harper says. “Although the word usually refers to paper items, I believe everything is a form of ephemera and will pass on eventually, but for a while, we can hold the beauty in our hands.”
Harper’s dichroic glass jewelry is featured at Bella Cosa, 3803 Atlantic Ave. in Bixby Knolls, and at Harmony Glassworks in Harmony, California. She participates in several select craft fairs, notably the Destinations Boutique that is organized annually by the Assistance League of Long Beach the first weekend of November. 

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