WRD using animated series to teach about water conservation

<strong>Squirt is the latest Water Replenishment District water hero to aid in the agency’s groundwater protection efforts. </strong>

The Water Replenishment District (WRD), the groundwater management agency for south Los Angeles County, recently announced the launch of its new animated Squirt educational water-conservation series.
Squirt is the latest WRD water hero to aid in the District’s groundwater protection efforts.
“We are enthused about the new Squirt series,” said WRD Board President Sergio Calderon. “This animation will allow us to share our mission, vision and story with children in a creative way and will help us continue to keep the public informed, educated and excited about what we are doing to protect our most precious treasure– groundwater.”
Throughout the year, WRD will release new episodes as Squirt looks out for groundwater contamination and provides tips for more efficient water use. Videos, printed materials and other educational materials will be made available for use in local schools.
Squirt is part of WRD’s water-conservation outreach program that will help Californians meet the statewide mandate to reduce water consumption by 20 percent by 2020.

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