The Campaign Trail

Saying that voters have “had it up to their eyeballs” with negative, mudslinging political campaigns, L.A. City Council candidate Warren Furutani, who currently represents the 55th Assembly District (which includes the cities of Carson, Harbor City and Harbor Gateway, Lakewood, and parts of Long Beach and Wilmington), has called on his run-off election opponent, Joe Buscaino, to join him in signing a pledge to voters to run a wholly positive campaign. Furutani and Buscaino emerged from last week’s primary election for Los Angeles City Council as the top two vote-getters. They will face one another in a Jan. 17 run-off election. “Both Joe and I ran positive campaigns in the primary. I think the voters appreciated that, and that’s one of the reasons we were successful on Tuesday,” said Furutani. “Today I ask Joe to join me in agreeing to a positive campaign for the run-off, an election where we will both focus solely on our qualifications and proposals for a better community.” Furutani sent a letter to the Buscaino campaign containing the attached Clean Campaign Pledge. The pledge asks candidates to limit their campaigns to positive issues and to pledge to renounce support from any of their backers who engage in negative campaigning.

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