Long Beach City Plus Pass, your passport to saving big without leaving town

Just in time for the holidays, a gift that will not be returned. In fact it will be a gift you will use all year long. Michelle Manire, owner of CTC Destination and Meeting Management, originally set up the company with the intention of helping convention attendees and other groups enjoy Long Beach-area restaurants and businesses while in town. Two years ago, an idea to offer her product to residents was put into action.
That product, the Long Beach City Plus Pass (LBCPP), would offer discounts from area merchants through the purchase of a discount card. While this type of program is good for out-of-town visitors, long-term discounts would benefit local residents. So a new direction was taken, and the LBCPP is now truly a local’s program. With more than 200 participating merchants offering at least a 20-percent discount on purchases, it is a win-win situation for Long Beach shops and residents. “The goal of the LBCPP is essentially three-fold,” said Manire. “It is primarily driven by the need to provide assistance to consumers and merchants alike, who are feeling the downside of the economy.” With the economic situation as it now exists, saving money is always a good thing.
“We also have a nonprofit aspect,” Manire continued. “Users of the card can designate a participating nonprofit they would like to support. In return, we’ll donate $10 from the cost of the card fee.”
Conference attendees and tourists may purchase an LBCPP card while in town, on their conference website or LBCPP website for $10 each. Card is good for 10 days. For more information, or to purchase the LBCPP card, visit lbcpp.com or call 562-980-7566.
Participating merchants can be identified by referring to the online list at lbcpp.com, looking for the “Long Beach City Plus Pass” static window sticker on site, scan the QR Code on the LBCPP card with a smartphone or call toll-free at 800-829-6999. For $30, you buy a gift for yourself or someone else, support Long Beach area businesses, donate $10 to a nonprofit of your choice, and feel good about it. Just in time for the holidays.

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