Munro brothers of House To Home Furniture help those with pain feel younger

<strong>Kent Munro demonstrates lift chair to longtime customer Marjorie Grommé.</strong>

Kent Munro demonstrates lift chair to longtime customer Marjorie Grommé.

The old adage about telling how old someone is by the noises they make when getting up from a chair might relate to you or someone you know. House To Home Furniture has a new item to make anyone feel younger.
Brothers Gregg and Kent Munro opened House To Home Furniture after their parents retired and sold the store to them. The brothers literally grew up at the store. “One of our problems is getting people to understand that we’re a different company,” said Gregg. “This is the only job we’ve ever had,” adds brother Kent.
The business started by their grandfather opened in 1965 until their parents retired in 2010, serving a number of longtime customers. The legacy lives on with the latest generation.
House To Home is a new business, continuing to build on the experience of three generations of people who valued their customers and knew what they liked.
The Munro brothers are excited about a new product, the Ultracomfort America Lift Chair. This is no ordinary chair, but a chair that effortlessly rises up to gently assist that person with joint, back or other issues that hinder the sitting or rising movement most take for granted. The benefits do not stop there.
Made in the USA, the lift mechanism is of proprietary technology, with infrared heat and massage options available. A full array of fabrics and colors personalizes any choice to match any decor. “[Most of] the fabrics are easily cleaned using a bleach solution,” Munro states. Made of sturdy fabric, this makes the UltraComfort line of lift chairs a good option not only for pain, but those times when cleaning the chair becomes an issue.
Multiple settings and a well-designed back support component aid in finding the best comfort setting when reclining. This is a true chair that doubles as a therapeutic option, allowing the user to be more mobile.
Infrared heating is a deep-penetrating heat, which relaxes and allows flexibility and relief from back and joint pains. The UltraComfort Lift Chair provides heat where and when you need it, via a process developed to best serve the consumer.
Operation is simplified through a wired, handheld device, always within reach. The owner’s manual and the manufacturer’s warranty information, with the company’s toll-free phone number, are placed in a clear plastic bag, in an accessible pocket on the side of the chair. For one full year after purchase, the company will send someone out if there is an issue with the operation. Ask for more information.
“The user should come into the store,” says Kent. “There are a number of sizes and styles of this chair, so, just like buying a pair of shoes, we wish to put the consumer into the right chair that suits their needs.” Some models are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Custom orders take a bit longer to deliver, so shop now for the holidays.
House to Home specializes in listening to their customers’ needs and always offers the best solutions. Changing a house into a home means putting the customer first, and the Munro brothers are building on the service their grandfather began way back when hair was long and pants bell-bottomed.
Know someone with joint or back pain? An Ultra Comfort Lift Chair may be the best gift they receive this holiday season. Call (562) 597-3225 for more information or stop by House To Home at 2198 N. Lakewood Blvd., a quarter mile north of the traffic circle at Stearns Avenue. Visit their website and see why House To Home continues to reach new customers and retain customers who have shopped with them over the years.

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