Don’t throw used electronics away; Goodwill locations recycle e-waste

e-waste.jpgWhile visions of shiny new computers, mp3 players, portable video devices and cameras are dancing through the dreams of hopeful gift recipients, few give consideration to what they will do with their old devices.
Many do not know that it is illegal to dispose of these types of e-waste in the trash, which eventually enters the municipal waste stream. By recycling e-waste, everyone can help to divert toxins from entering the local environment.
Residents can recycle their e-waste seven days a week at any Goodwill store or donation center in the Southern Los Angeles County area.
Recycling at Goodwill is easy and convenient. Just bring your items to a Goodwill retail store or donation center. As with all donations made to Goodwill, recycling that television set or computer monitor is tax deductible.
Goodwill is a State authorized recycler and accepts television sets and computer monitors. Goodwill is unable to accept certain recyclables such as household hazardous waste, fluorescent tubes or batteries.
For a complete list of donation locations call (562) 435-7741, or visit Goodwill’s Web site at to find the closest store or donation center.

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