A beauty contest in which looks are no advantage

2007, Bulldog Beauty Contest 101-1
The 8th annual Bulldog Beauty Contest will be the main event at the Haute Dog Pageants produced by pageant coach and bulldog enthusiast Justin Rudd and his Haute Dogs organization. The contests return to Marine Stadium, 5225 E. Paoli Way, on Saturday, Feb. 11. The public is welcome to attend, and it is free to spectate. Seating is available on-site for $5 a chair. Organizers invite humans to enter their dogs in advance for a discounted price at bulldogbeauty.com, where entry forms are also available.
In addition to the bulldog, French bulldog, pug, chihuahua, and senior dog contests held in past years, Rudd has this year added pageants for pit bulls, cute dogs, ugly dogs, small dogs, large dogs, and the all-encompassing Best in Show contest for all dogs, breeds, mixes and sizes.
The quadrupeds will parade down a grassy runway that will include a 100-foot red-carpet runway, flanked by hundreds of gawkers in white folding chairs and a panel of beauty-queen judges. Judging for each contest will be based on charm, first impression, face, figure and personality. The day will also include a pet vendor fair and adoption booths.
The contests will be conducted as follows:
• Bulldog Beauty Contest, 10am (English Bulldogs)
• Senior Dog Pageant, 11:30am (all breeds/mixes, ages 10-plus)
• Cutest Dog Contest, 11:45am
• Ugly Dog Contest, 11:50am
• French Bulldog Pageant, noon
• Pug Pageant, 12:30pm
• National Mutt Show, 1pm (no pure breeds)
• Best in Show, 1:30pm (all dogs, breeds, mixes, sizes welcome)
• Chihuahua Beauty Contest, 2pm
• Small Dog Pageant, 2:10pm (generally 20 pounds or less and/or shorter than 16 inches; no puppies)
• Large Dog Beauty Contest, 2:20pm (generally 60-plus pounds)
• Pit Bull Pageant, 2:30pm
Rudd says the Bulldog Beauty Contest is the largest gathering of bulldogs in the world. Last year, more than 250 bulldogs from at least four states and Canada left the crowd drooling for more, he says. This is a competition in which gender is no limitation and good looks are no advantage. Costumes and talent are optional. Organizers realize that most dogs are so adorable that they shouldn’t be covered up. Entrants’ names this year include: Chimichanga, Beefcake, Biggie and Pound Cake.
Reigning beauty-queen judges, including Miss Long Beach and Miss Southern California Cities, will evaluate the contest. Contest winners will get prize packs that include food, treats, services and toys. The Bulldog Beauty Contest also give prizes for Best Legs, Best Smile, and Best Booty.
The event benefits Southern California Bulldog Rescue and the nonprofit Community Action Team (CAT), which includes Haute Dogs and Operation Santa Paws. Most funds collected will go toward a spay/neuter voucher program and animal rescue.

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