Westside Project Area Committee undergoes slight name change in light of redevelopment dissolution

The Westside Project Area Committee (WPAC) will now operate under the name Westside Project Area Council, according to a press release issued by the community group last Saturday. Because of the recent dissolution of redevelopment agencies, the group took a vote and decided unanimously for the change.
“The WPAC is determined to remain a force in directing the maintenance, improvements, renovations, and safety concerns of the Westside, even in the absence of redevelopment,” according to the press release. “Therefore, talks about the reconstruction and design of the committee, the shaping of its new identity, have begun.”
Gil Ficke, WPAC member and President of Long Beach Travel Center, Inc., added, “I think this is the smart thing to do. Out of the ashes comes the Phoenix. We’re not done. We are now– this.”
The WPAC continues to hold an office on Cota with the same phone number and email address, hold public meetings each month, and maintain its membership while reinstituting this Westside institution, now as a council rather than a committee.

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