Clothing drive seeking prom dresses and tuxedos for needy high-school students

Dynamic Designworks, Inc., a sponsor of Working Wardrobes, is sponsoring a Prom Event Clothing Drive to help provide 150 at-risk high-school students a series of workshops during which they can find a prom dress or tuxedo.
Items needed for the “Dream Girls & Distinguished Gentlemen” prom drive are: tuxedos, vests, dress shirts, prom and party dresses, bowties, dress shoes, evening purses and jewelry. The clothes must be clean and on a hanger. Items should be in good condition, with no tears, holes or broken zippers.
To learn more about the “Dream Girls & Distinguished Gentlemen” program, call (714) 210-2460 or visit
Tax-deductible donation forms will be provided. Donors are asked to drop off items by Friday, March 2 at one of the following locations:

Dynamic Designworks, Inc. Corporate Office
2321 E. 28th St. Suite 400
Signal Hill

Private residence
323 Whites Ldg.
Long Beach

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