Thoughts from the Publisher : New Year’s Resolutions

neena strichartby Neena Strichart, Publisher

Although it is only December 27, I am already thinking about my New Year’s resolution(s).
I polled the office to help me decide. Here are their resolutions:
Barbie – I resolve to spend more time with my dogs.
Marie – I resolve to continue my new healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising more.
Meghan – I resolve to afford my new home.
Pat – I resolve to eat healthy.
Barbara – I resolve to continue doing what I started in April/paying attention to what I eat.
Nick – I resolve to pray more and read the Bible more.
Steve –
I resolve to go the gym (Signal Hill Athletic Club).
Heather – I resolve to be more comfortable in my own skin.
Deborah – I resolve not to make a resolution, because that is a resolution I can keep.
After listening to my coworkers choices, I have decided on the following:
I resolve to continue on my non-smoking path and to get some exercise. FreeSpirit Yoga will definitely be part of my 2008 regimen (honest, Andrea). In that same vein—I will find more peace within myself by taking off one day a month to do absolutely nothing work related. I will also spend more time with my mother—not going to doctor’s appointments— just hanging out.
Whatever you choose as your resolution, be kind to yourself. Do the best you can—there’s no such thing as failure if you keep trying. Every morning is the beginning of a new day—and it can be a “do over” as my step-father Jay would have said.
Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy 2008.

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