The ‘little’ paper that could?

Yes, congratulations on your 12 years and counting, and an interesting 12 years it has been. I love your little, in size only, paper, and I look forward to it every week. You pick up and enhance the news in those “big guys’ paper,” which isn’t so big any more. Time and tide do take their toll.
I read the Letter to the Editor in your February 24 edition. Incidentally, I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Lew Nelson on his stand on the crossing guard situation and other unnecessary expense by the school district. We have our priorities all wrong. We need to teach the students who have a gift in how to fix a car or build a house, etc. the correct way and the best way those jobs can be accomplished rather than insisting they die on the educational vine and come out of school knowing nothing but how to skip classes and get grants. Maybe when push finally comes to shove something will be done to fix the unseemly unfixable situation we now have in place. Ya gotta have faith in life’s possibilities.

Vivian C. Nelson
Long Beach

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