The meat of the matter

I was amused when I heard that the people who heard, or read, the reports on the additive “slime” in their meat products were horrified and vowed to not buy any meat product unless they are sure the product doesn’t contain any slime.
I’ve been telling everyone and anyone who would pay attention to me for the past year that all meat and poultry products you buy now, unless they are “organic” with nothing added and nothing taken away, have so much additives added to them that the taste is completely gone on a lot of meat products. Allow your supermarket chicken to thaw and catch the water and ice that was added to that chicken, and maybe you can understand why you have such a hard time getting it to fry the way it used to or taste the way it used to. Same way with beef or pork.
I’m certainly happy that the public has finally woken up to the realities of what is going on with our food products. Of course the government has said that the additive is not harmful, but did they also tell you about the quality and taste? I am not making this up, but my dog has refused to eat some of the chicken or meat I bought for him. I now buy ground meat at Costco for him, and he will eat it. Who said animals were dumb?

Vivian C. Nelson
Long Beach

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