SH councilmember among leaders commended by American Lung Association in California

Signal Hill Councilmember Ed Wilson is among elected officials from across the region that make up the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Regional Council, which cast historic votes on the first-ever Sustainable Communities Strategy on Wednesday.
This groundbreaking blueprint for smart growth has been developed over two years under California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act, or SB 375, to reduce pollution and provide more, and healthier, transportation options for the region. The American Lung Association in California is calling attention both to this critical vote and to elected officials who have committed to pursue smart growth for the region.
“The SCAG plan really breaks new ground for the Southern California region,” said Jane Warner, president and CEO, American Lung Association in California. “It lays out a vision for shifting development patterns to follow transit corridors and providing viable alternatives to driving.”
Twenty local officials joined the American Lung Association in California 2012 Healthy Growth Leaders Campaign, 17 of whom voted on the plan Wednesday along with other members of the SCAG Regional Council. The 2012 Healthy Growth Leaders have committed to supporting smart growth strategies to improve the health of their communities and the Southern California region.
“From the Inland Empire to Ventura County, our elected leaders want a better future for their children and grandchildren, and they know that their residents want this also,” said Warner. “They want cleaner air, more walkable, bikeable communities and better transit service.”
Warner said elected officials from across the region are championing more transit, bikeways and pedestrian infrastructure to improve health and reduce harmful pollution from our overcrowded highways. “They are advocating for a change from the status quo to more compact, transit oriented communities that provide more active transportation options and reduce the need to drive. These new growth patterns are critical to reduce asthma, obesity, and other chronic illnesses that place a heavy burden on our children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations,” she said.
“As a physician, I know that our community design has a big impact on public health,” said Michael Ong, MD, Ph.D., of Los Angeles, a volunteer board member of the American Lung Association in California. “I am often frustrated when giving advice to my patients to get more exercise, knowing that in many communities, there are few options for safe biking and walking for school, work and play.”
Research by the American Lung Association in California has demonstrated that Southern California can avoid up to $16 billion in health and economic costs by 2035 by pursuing smart growth that reduces driving.
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