Reality’ check

Lord love a duck! This is it, the moment when the unbelievable happens and you are left with open mouth and dimmed senses. What, you may ask, is so Earth-shattering? How about this: Kim Kardashian running for mayor of a City in California?
Can you imagine the queen of the popular and oft-watched sex tape being mayor of a city? I know we have had a rash of high-handed money-takers uncovered, but never, to my knowledge, anyone who has been sex-uncovered and as unashamed as the new queen of computer porn.
I know life in the current era isn’t what it was back when Mom and Pop were pups, but come on, isn’t this a bit too much even for the people who think this is normal? What shall we call her? How about Madam Mayor? Or will she be just one of the girls?

Vivian C. Nelson
Long Beach

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