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<strong>Home again after seven days at sea with Steve’s parents (far left) Grace and Bill Bierer, Steve and Neena (center), and Neena’s folks (far right) Jay and Marjorie Grommé</strong>

Home again after seven days at sea with Steve’s parents (far left) Grace and Bill Bierer, Steve and Neena (center), and Neena’s folks (far right) Jay and Marjorie Grommé

by Neena Strichart

Looking at the television program listings, it seems as though, as some have said, “love is in the air.” Shows like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezilla, and my favorite– My Fair Wedding with David Tutera– prove the point as countless weddings are played out on the air right in our living rooms. I get a kick out of the destination and theme weddings and love the wedding fashions. Although I’ve swapped my high heels for flats in recent years, and no longer wear two pairs of false eyelashes, I’m still a girly-girl at heart.
This year is proving to be big with the wedding theme in our own lives. Steve’s niece Kari and nephew Scott will both be married by year’s end as will his best friend Ralph’s children, R.J. and Julie. Kari and her new spouse John Lee chose the beach as their wedding venue with a non-traditional pajama party reception following the nuptials. Scott’s church wedding to Jen will take place in June, and we hear it will be ultra-traditional as will the reception. It will be fun to dress up and see my hubby in a tie for a change. Who knows, we may even hit the dance floor!
Ralph and his wife Nelda are dealing with destination weddings, as their daughter Julie will marry in Tobago next week followed by R.J.’s June ceremony in Paris. Needless to say, although we love those young folks, Steve and I will not be attending either of those weddings. If I’m going to do any traveling it will be for a long-deserved vacation.

<strong>Steve and Neena honeymooning at shipboard cocktail party</strong>

Steve and Neena honeymooning at shipboard cocktail party

Steve and I thought about doing something special tomorrow for our 22nd wedding anniversary, but I think we’ll just go out for a bite to eat, drink some wine and reminisce over our wedding pictures. Our wedding was anything but television-worthy, as the venue was the driveway of our home, followed by a reception on the patio. We had a yummy cake from Ramona’s Bakery in San Pedro (at that time I didn’t know I had problems with gluten), sandwiches from Fedco and a family member acting as deejay. This was no fancy-schmancy affair, but it was what we wanted and what we could afford at the time. However, we did have a great honeymoon– a seven-day cruise to Mexico with both sets of parents joining us for the trip. Those are memories that will last forever.
Since then, we have renewed our vows twice­– once in Maui on our 10th anniversary, and the other at Delius Restaurant on our 20th. I’d love to do something extra special for our 25th and am thinking about either a nice trip or a big party. Why not both? Only time and budget will tell!

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