Resolve to make reasonable resolutions you can keep

burnt-toast.jpgBy Neena Strichart

New year’s resolutions are an annual tradition. Lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with family, drink less, rest more, rest less—- the list of self promises and public proclamations are as diverse as are the people who make them. According to the Kansas City (MO) Public Library’s Web site, health-related objectives are at the top of the list year after year. Coming in at second place are financial goals such as saving money, getting a better-paying job and spending less on unnecessary luxuries. Third in line of modern-day categories are resolutions surrounding personal relationships. Finding a new mate, dumping an old one or establishing closer ties with loved ones or friends is another important list of goals for some.
Statistics are available giving resolutions the life expectancy of a sick gnat to that of a healthy gnat. In other words, the odds aren’t good.
To assure that you will stick to any given resolution, do as writer Marie Tomas suggested at the Web site—folks should make their goals attainable—even guaranteed. Tomas proposed such resolutions as vow to burn toast, lose keys, gain weight, lie about your age, forget anniversaries and birthdays, develop new wrinkles and/or eat junk food.
Why set oneself up for failure? Set goals that are reachable, easy and pleasant to accomplish. Feel good about yourself. If you tend to see the glass as half empty rather than half full, don’t belittle yourself. Don’t be self chastising. Either fill the glass with ice to reach the top—or get a heck of a lot smaller glass. Keep that glass full, or someone else is bound to try to fill it and spill the darn thing all over the place. Stay in charge of your own glass—and don’t forget to use a coaster!

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