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Among the seats on the ballot for the June 5 Presidential Primary election will be the Central Basin Municipal Water District Division 5.
Since that seat covers a geographical area that falls within the Signal Tribune’s distribution area, we’ve requested that each of the candidates seeking that position
submit information on his campaign, the results of which are published below.
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Jay Gray
Meet Your Candidates Gray

Age 47

Years residing in current district 47

Occupation Public account clerk

Personal Information
Father of three daughters (Jacqueline, Melyssa and Macy)

Cerritos High School
Associate’s in arts: administration of justice from Cerritos College
Cerritos College Foundation Award of Academic Excellence
Bachelor’s in public administration: public financial management from CSU Dominguez Hills
Master’s in public administration: public management from CSU Dominguez Hills

Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Former director of the Broken Loaf Food Pantry in Lakewood
Former president of Dominguez Public Administration Association, CSU Dominguez Hills (two terms)
Member of American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)
Member of Pi Alpha Alpha
Lifetime member of Phi Kappa Phi

Goals if elected
Clean water and clean government
Get politics and backroom deals out of our water district
Ensure full cooperation with the State of California’s Audit of The Central Basin Municipal Water District as a “high-risk agency”
Safety– reliable water service with consistently high-quality drinking water
Rates– maintaining the highest-quality water at the lowest rates possible
Conservation– making sure that our water supply is conserved and that ample reserves are maintained to ensure our vital water supply
Fiscal responsibility– all government officials have a duty and an obligation to manage the people’s money with the strictest discipline, in a transparent manner. I will work to schedule meetings in the evening, when rate payers can attend and video-record and post all meetings online. In addition, require full public disclosure of director associations with every contractor and post director expense accounts online.
Customer service– government organizations must never lose focus that they exist to serve the people. The Central Basin Municipal Water District must put an immediate end to the practice of awarding contracts to politically connected friends.

Clean water and clean government platform:
Ensure the State of California’s Audit of the District as a “high-risk agency” is thoroughly completed and not stopped or glossed over by calling in political favors
End the practice of awarding contracts to politically connected friends and associates
Require full public disclosure of association between directors and contractors
Cancel all unnecessary consulting contracts and request a federal audit of current contracts
Forbid companies who have been fined by any government authority for business-related wrongdoing from bidding on District contracts for a minimum period of five years
Prohibit directors from owning or working in a business that does business with the Central Basin Municipal Water District
Schedule meetings in the evenings so rate payers can more easily attend
Eliminate excessive director perks and benefits and require directors to repay taxpayers for illegal use of District funds on spouses
Post director expense accounts online
Video-record and post all District meetings online
Hold joint public meetings with the Water Replenishment District (WRD) to resolve water issues and eliminate unnecessary and costly lawsuits

This critical election is about removing politics and cleaning up the Central Basin Water District. Therefore, I am not seeking any political endorsements. I want to solve the problems at the Central Basin Municipal Water District and not create more by owing political favors. Therefore, I want to ensure the message is clear and voters know that I have no connections with special-interest groups, I have absolutely zero conflict of interest, I will represent you, the water-rate payer.

Philip D. Hawkins

Age 68

Years residing in current district 57

Occupation Real-estate broker

Personal information
Married 43 years to Janice Hawkins
One son– Philip Hawkins, Jr.
One daughter– Sheila Kaminski
Three grandsons and two granddaughters

Bellflower High School
Cerritos College (some)

Nonprofit/professional affiliations
L.A. County Assessment Appeals Board
Rancho Southeast Association of Realtors
Member of chambers of commerce for Bellflower, Cerritos and Lakewood

Goals if elected
Keep rates low
Promote more use of recycled water and education on saving water

To serve my division in an effective manner by ensuring that Central Basin Municipal Water District acquires and sells imported water at a rate that is affordable for my constituency. I guarantee that this will be done in a timely manner that anticipates our future needs. My pledge to my community members is to make decisions that exhibit their best interest while representing them to the best of my ability.

Top five endorsements
Don Knabe, L.A. County supervisor
Michael Noll, Signal Hill City Council member
Larry Forester, Signal Hill City Council member
Jeff Woods, Lakewood City Council member
Dan Koops, Bellflower City Council member

Tony Mendoza
Meet Your Candidates Mendoza

Age 41

Years residing in current district 22

Occupation California state assemblymember, public school teacher

Personal Information
Married to wife Leticia. Four children: Samantha, Anndrea, Annais, and Antonio Jr.

Bachelor’s degree in political science: public administration from California State University, Long Beach
Multiple-subject bilingual teaching credential from California State University, Los Angeles

Nonprofit/professional affiliations
So Cal LEAD Foundation
Former counselor/advocate with Su Casa domestic violence shelter
Member of Artesia/Cerritos Rotary Club

Goals if elected
Elimination of wasteful and duplicative consulting contracts, frivolous lawsuits and ending the practice of paying for spouses’ travel expenses will allow for the reduction of water rates. Bring transparency to the District and Board operations.
Implement recommendations of audit to allow for honest and efficient operations.

Eliminate frivolous lawsuits filed by Central Basin that are costing ratepayers millions of dollars.
Reduce water rates by eliminating corruption and wasteful spending.
Cancel all unnecessary “consulting” contracts and eliminate unjustified travel expenses.
Ensure the constant flow of clean and affordable water to residents and businesses.

Top five endorsements
California State Controller John Chiang
Congressmember Linda Sanchez
California State Senator Alan Lowenthal
California State Assemblymember Warren Furutani
Water Replenishment District Board Vice President Lillian Kawasaki

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