Local chorale to present parody that’s Sound-of-Music-meets-Sister-Act parody

<strong><em>The Sounds of Muzak</em> brings the 1960s’ much loved Julie Andrews classic into a present-day shopping-mall setting.</strong>
South Coast Chorale will present The Sounds of Muzak at 8pm on Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9, at the First Congregational Church in Long Beach, 241 Cedar Ave. The Sounds of Muzak is a parody of The Sound of Music and Sister Act directed and written by Steven Davison and musically directed by Ron Colvard.
It is a big, campy, musical comedy bringing the 1960s’ much loved classic into a present-day shopping-mall setting, according to South Coast Chorale. Maria’s childhood convent home has turned into a mall run by the sisters, but an evil jeweler wants to close the mall. Will the nuns win the singing contest to prevent the mall shutdown and save their home?
Tickets for The Sounds of Muzak are $25 and available at sccsingers.com. Tickets can also be purchased in person on the day of the event at the church.

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