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Michelle Lecours
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Among the offices on the ballot for the Tuesday, June 5 election in Long Beach will be the 44th and 47th districts of the United States House of Representatives and the 70th district of the California State Assembly, as well as a runoff for Long Beach’s fourth council district.
The Signal Tribune requested that each of the candidates seeking those seats submit information on his or her campaign, the results of which are published below, since those seats cover geographical areas that fall within its distribution area.

Long Beach City Council, 4th District

Patrick O’Donnell

Patrick O'Donnell
Age 46
Years residing in Long Beach 20
Years residing in current district nearly 20
Occupation 4th District Long Beach councilmember; high school government teacher
Family wife Jennifer, small-business owner in 4th district; two daughters
Education California State University Long Beach, bachelor’s degree in history and master’s degree in public policy
Previous offices held Long Beach councilmember incumbent, 2004-present
Nonprofit/professional affiliations California Teachers Association; Surfrider Foundation, Los Angeles
Goals if elected Continue fiscal responsibility and small-business support while maintaining rapid public safety response times. Continue to aggressively repair and maintain streets and sidewalks. Continue to support our parks and after school programs in schools.
Platform (See above)
Endorsements Long Beach Police Officers Association, Long Beach Firefighters Association, Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, California Senator Alan Lowenthal, Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, Pacific West Association of Realtors, former California Senator Betty Karnette
Campaign website

Daryl Supernaw
Daryl Supernaw

Age 60
Years residing in Long Beach 60
Years residing in current district 60
Current office held, occupation business consultant
Family wife Cheryl, lifelong 4th district resident; two adult children, Shaun, Lauren
Education California State University Long Beach, bachelor’s degree in radio-television-film, master’s degree in instructional media; Long Beach City College, associate’s degree in art
Previous offices held none
Nonprofit/professional affiliations Long Beach Sustainable City Commission, member and former chair; Atherton Corridor Neighborhood Association, founder; 4th District Budget Advisory Committee; Long Beach Unified Adopt-A-School Program; Rethinking Greater Long Beach; Schroeder Hall Area Neighborhood Group
Goals if elected Bring business acumen and corporate business experience to city council. Maintain the airport noise ordinance while promoting airport business and profitability. Develop a “customer service” focus and improved communication to the way the council office addresses neighborhood issues. Develop a sense of “community” district wide, and address concerns equally for all of our neighborhoods. Improve business friendliness to promote retail and job growth throughout the district. Develop non-traditional (non tax-based) revenue streams for funding of city services. Re-establish the connection between the council office and local public and private schools, LBCC and CSULB. Ensure that all essential services (public safety, parks, libraries, etc.) are properly funded.
Platform Simply stated, to be an independent voice advocating for the residents and business owners of the 4th district. The voters deserve a councilmember who exemplifies honesty, integrity and utmost sense of pride in the community. They also deserve a representative who will fulfill his commitment, and I pledge to serve the entire four years and not seek higher office in midterm.
Endorsements Over 1,200 voters in the 4th district. The voters of Long Beach have determined that city council is a non-partisan position. I am a non-partisan candidate, and I am not backed by any political party. I am totally independent and have not accepted any funds from political action committees. My endorsements are from the residents of the 4th District and community leaders throughout the city.
Campaign website

California State Assembly, 70th District

Martha Flores-Gibson

Age 57
Political party Republican
Years residing in Long Beach 50
Years residing in current district 50
Occupation Long Beach Unified School District, substitute teacher
Family husband Steve, retired teacher; sons Bryan D. Rico (40), Jonahvan P. Rico (33), daughter Veronica N. Rico (31): grandchildren Desmond B. Rico (13), Ray Salcedo (13), Quinton Rico (10), Grayson Rico (6)
Education Cerritos College, Long Beach City College, associates degree; California State University Long Beach, bachelor’s degree in social work, master’s degree in social work and doctorate in educational leadership
Previous office(s) held none
Nonprofit/professional affiliations New Image Shelter, board of directors chair; Compton Initiative, Rebuilding Together Long Beach, member; Long Beach Kiwanis Club, board of directors; Kids’ Connection, committee member
Platform As a fiscal conservative, I must admit I am extremely worried. Millions of Californians would agree with me when I say I wouldn’t like to be taxed more. Raising taxes just kicks the can down the alley and will allow the bureaucratic machine that is our state’s capitol to continue its litigation, effectively ignoring the states structural problems. As a grandmother of four children, I am equally troubled by how much money they will owe the government before they can even graduate high school.
Goals if elected Keep business in California and create jobs: Reinstate monies to our local government and school districts, and increase the level of financial accountability. The state should also move to increase business viability by cutting payroll and sales taxes for all business to encourage job growth.
Cut wasteful and deficit spending. Sacramento is trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. The budget should be managed in a fiscally responsible way. Lawmakers should demand an aggressive audit to look for fraud/corruption in our state government. The audit should also ensure that no community is left underserved.
Education: We should place control of schools back into the hands of the parents, principals and teachers. Let’s treat education with a high degree of importance. The children and the youth are our future. Tuition and fees at the university and city college level should be fair enough to provide equal access to a higher education for all who apply.
Top endorsements former Long Beach Mayor Eunice Sato; Senior Pastor Gregory Sanders, Rock House Church, Long Beach
Campaign website

Bonnie Lowenthal
Age 72
Political party Democratic
Years residing in Long Beach 43
Years residing in current district 43
Current office held, occupation 54th District California assemblymember, educator
Family Two sons, one grandson, two granddaughters
Education University of Wisconsin, bachelor’s degree in sociology; California State University Long Beach, master’s degree in psychology
Previous office(s) held Long Beach School Board, member; Long Beach councilmember; Long Beach vice mayor
Nonprofit/professional affiliations St. Mary Medical Center, board member; Children Today, board member
Goals if elected Balanced budget. Growing economy that creates jobs. Quality education system.
Platform We can get the job done if we work together. My record is clear: I work for the people of my district, I stand up for schools, creating jobs, protecting the environment, cutting ridiculous government red tape, and will continue to stick up for the men and women who work to meet their responsibilities.
Top endorsements former Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neill, Signal Hill Councilman Larry Forrester, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Signal Hill Councilmember Tina Hansen, California Professional Firefighters, California Teachers Association
Campaign website

United States House of Representatives, 47th District

Gary DeLong

Age 52
Political party Republican
Years residing in Long Beach 22
Years residing in current district 14
Current office held, occupation 4th District Long Beach Councilmember; RTP Group, president
Family Wife Dawna and daughters Danielle (21), Elizabeth (20) and Katie (6)
Education California State University Dominguez Hills, bachelor’s degree in business marketing; University of Southern California, master’s degree in business administration
Current office held Long Beach 3rd district councilmember
Nonprofit/professional affiliations Aquarium of the Pacific, board of trustees; Long Beach City College, board of governors
Goals if elected Get our economy growing again, balance the budget, improve our healthcare system, reform our tax system and eliminate loopholes, invest in K-12 and higher education
Platform I’m running for Congress because I want to bring common-sense solutions to the partisan gridlock. We need more members of Congress who will make taxpayers their highest priority, not special-interest groups. I will work hard to get our economy growing again, balance the federal budget and stop deficit spending. Improving our healthcare system will also be a high priority.
Top endorsements Governor George Deukmejian, Congressmen Kevin McCarthy and Ed Royce, California State Senators Tom Harman and Mimi Walters, Los Angeles County Supervisors Mike Antonovich and Don Knabe, Avalon Mayor Bob Kennedy, Lakewood Mayor Diane DuBois, Signal Hill Councilmember and former Mayor Larry Forester, Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud
Campaign website

Steve Foley

Age 39
Political party Republican
Years residing in current district 39 years in Cypress
Occupation blogger, political consultant
Personal information niece Olivia (8)
Education Pacifica High School, diploma
Previous office(s) held none
Nonprofit/professional affiliations none
Goals if elected Beyond defending our borders, the two most important responsibilities the federal government could adopt today are: to create an environment in which the free market can thrive by removing itself from the market to the greatest degree possible, and to keep itself small and limited
Platform Because, like most people who live in this district, I’m tired of watching milquetoast-moderate-career-politicians go to Washington, DC and become part of the problem instead of part of the solution. I’m the only candidate in this race who’s offered bold solutions to the enormous challenges facing our nation and display them for the constituents to see on my website.
Top endorsements American Independent Party, California Republican National Hispanic Assembly
Campaign website

Sanford Kahn

Age 68
Political party Republican
Years residing in Long Beach 43
Years residing in current district 43
Occupation business author, speaker
Family single; no children
Education University of Florida, master’s degree in mechanical engineering
Previous office(s) held None. Previously ran for United States Congress against incumbent Glenn M. Anderson (D-32nd) in 1988 and 1990.
Nonprofit/professional affiliations Long Beach Chamber of Commerce
Goals if elected Institute a flat-rate income tax between 15 percent to 17 percent with a large standard deduction indexed to inflation. Our current tax code does not encourage saving, investment and wealth creation; completely eliminate the Death Tax (inheritance tax). It’s your (already taxed) money, keep it. Increase domestic oil production utilizing the latest safety technology to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and make us more secure. Our goal as a country should be to make OPEC irrelevant. Term limits on U.S. senators and representatives. I believe in the citizen politician, not the professional career politician.
Platform No matter what policies Washington, D.C. puts in place to solve our massive deficits and debt problems, without strong and vibrant economic growth any improvement in our country’s economic health will be fleeting. We must get the private sector growing again with tax policies that encourage work, saving and investment.
Top endorsements None. I have not solicited endorsements from the established political entities (the status quo). Let my competition have them.
Campaign website

Steve Kuykendall

Age 65
Political party Republican
Years residing in Long Beach 3
Years residing in current district 3
Occupation businessman
Family wife Jan of 42 years, retired physical therapist; daughter Kerry (39), Navy fighter pilot; son Brent (35), public school administrator; son Craig (30), Los Angeles firefighter; five grandchildren
Education Oklahoma City University, bachelor’s degree in economics; San Diego State University, master’s degree in business administration
Previous office(s) held Mayor and councilmember, Rancho Palos Verdes; California Assemblymember (representing Long Beach); United States House of Representatives, congressman
Nonprofit/professional affiliations Long Beach Rotary, vice president; local homeowners association, treasurer; Los Angeles County Emergency Preparedness Commission, former vice chairman; Peninsula Education Foundation, former president, treasurer; AYSO, former regional commissioner; Veterans of Foreign Wars, member; First Marine Division Association, member
Goals if elected Keep our nation safe with a resized, reinvigorated and robust military force to protect us from our enemies around the world. Create good-paying jobs to help restore our local communities and rebuild our local tax base to sustain critical local services like fire, police, schools and transportation. Consistently oppose runaway federal spending and debt that is destroying our economy and way of life. Fight against over-reaching job-killing regulations that stifle business.
Platform As a former state assemblymember and congressman, I have balanced budgets without raising taxes, maintained a surplus and kept our economy strong. I wrote legislation that saved the Los Angeles Air Force Base and improved the Long Beach Enterprise Zone, preserving countless local jobs and businesses. I will oppose runaway federal spending and debt that is destroying our economy. I’m a Marine combat veteran who has made tough decisions. In Congress, I will solve problems, not play partisan politics.
Top endorsements Combat Veterans for Congress, United States Senator John McCain, former California Governor Pete Wilson, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, former Long Beach Mayor Eunice Sato, former Long Beach Councilmember Jerry Shultz, former Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Chair Lori Lofstrom, Board Member Barbara Sullivan
Campaign website

Alan Lowenthal

Age 71
Political party Democratic
Years residing in Long Beach 40
Years residing in current district 40
Current office held, occupation 27th District California Senator, college professor
Family wife Debbie, physician; son Danny, Los Angeles Superior Court judge; son Josh, businessman
Education Hobart and William Smith Colleges, bachelor’s degree; Ohio State University, master’s degree
Previous office(s) held Long Beach councilmember, 1992-1998; California assemblymember, 55th, 1998-2004; California senator, 27th, 2004-present
Goals if elected Creating jobs. Improving the economy. Protecting our schools and colleges. Securing Medicare and Social Security. Clean air, clean water and protecting our environment.
Platform As a bipartisan problem-solver with the proven ability to work across party lines, Alan Lowenthal is exactly the kind of leader we need in tough times. Lowenthal breaks through partisan gridlock to reform campaigns and government, creates innovative solutions to create jobs, and protects our schools. In Congress, he will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security, fully fund our schools, and invest in our infrastructure and local business to create jobs.
Top endorsements Former Long Beach mayors Beverly O’Neill and Ernie Kell; Long Beach Police Officers Association; Long Beach Firefighters Association; California Teachers Association; League of Conservation Voters; United Nurses Associations of California; Long Beach Councilmembers Robert Garcia, James Johnson, Steve Neal and Gerrie Schipske
Campaign website

Peter Mathews

Age 60
Political party Democratic
Years residing in Long Beach 21
Years residing in current district 21
Occupation Political science professor, Cypress Community College
Family wife Toya, public-relations executive assistant, writer; daughter Page (6 months)
Education University of North Texas, bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology, master’s degree in political science; University of Southern California, doctoral studies in political science
Previous office(s) held North Fair Oaks Advisory Council, San Mateo County
Nonprofit/professional affiliations United Faculty/California Teachers Association, American Political Science Association, Pi Sigma Alpha, National Honor Society in political science
Goals if elected Jobs and the economy. Tuition-free education, kindergarten through college and university. Protecting Social Security and Medicare. Health care for all. Closing corporate tax loopholes as well as taxing millionaires to pay for the goals mentioned above and balancing the federal budget. End the war in Afghanistan rapidly and responsibly.
Platform I am going to Congress to tax millionaires and billionaires, close corporate tax loopholes and end the war in Afghanistan. This will generate $1 trillion to rebuild our infrastructure, fund small business opportunity, pay for a single-payer system of Medicare for all, and provide tuition-free education (K-12 and college/university). We must protect Social Security by removing the cap on taxable income and lowering the tax rate.
Campaign website

Jay Shah

Age 74
Political party Democratic
Years residing in Long Beach 30
Years residing in current district 30
Occupation Medical consultant– Specialist and retired USAF Major and flight surgeon
Personal information wife Usha (also a candidate for 47th), medical office administrator; sons Kenneth (48), Russell (45)
Education Gujarat University, India, MD, FAAPMR, FAAPM, FABS, FABDA
Previous office(s) held none
Nonprofit/professional affiliations Federation of Indo-American Associations, Indian Medical Association of Southern California, Gujarati Society and RK Mandir, Vanik, Vaishnav Samaj, founder, chairman, president of all previous organizations
Goals if elected Term limits for politicians which will stop career politicians’ crime and corruption plus restore democracy. Small business loans to women, veterans and seniors resulting in improvement of economy and employment. Accountability in health care at all levels and stop cover-ups, improve quality care for all Americans. Hang Them High– expose corruptions and crimes of government officials, politicians and other partners. Read California Senate Bill SBX 211 of March, 2009: covers-ups, bribes and grafts of judges by Los Angeles County supervisors. My salary will be donated to the needy people in my area (I will only take $1 salary). Empowering of women, free education until age 22 for all legal residents. Stop the war on women. Gay marriage rights: Ok, but they can’t serve in military or as a teacher or adopt any children.
Platform Stop career politicians. Expose crimes and corruptions of all, put them in jail. Empower women and stop war. Protect rights and equality. Small-business loans to veterans, seniors and women. Quality health care. (Birthright for all. Stop cover-up and needless death.) Term limits, no more lobbyists, small government.
Top endorsements Because of corruptions and crimes of them, we don’t care about their endorsement. It is a scam used by gangs of career politicians.
Campaign website

Usha Shah

Age 72
Political party Democratic
Years residing in Long Beach 30
Years residing in current district 30
Occupation Medical office supervisor, EEG technician
Personal information husband Jay (also a candidate for 47th); sons Kenneth (48), Russell (45)
Education College for Women, baccalaureate studies
Previous office(s) held none
Nonprofit/professional affiliations Women Federation of USA, president; Women’s Club of Southern California, president; Vanik Vaishnav Samaj, founder; Federation of Indo-American Associations; Gujarati Society; RK Mandir
Goals if elected Empower women like health, legal, financial, social, etc. (No more war on women.) Small-business loans to women, veterans and seniors, which will improve economy and employment. Health Care for all, especially women and children. Free education until age 22 to all. Immigration and gay marriage rights only with specific terms. I will donate my salary to the needy. Term limits. No more war. Bring our soldiers back.
Platform Empower and educate women. Small-business loans. Protect women rights and help seniors and veterans.
Top endorsements We don’t need any endorsement as we work for the people and not for the lobbyists. We don’t want part in a gang scam by politicians.
Campaign website

United States Congress, 44th District

Janice Hahn

Age 60
Political party Democrat
Years residing in Long Beach 5, currently resides in San Pedro
Years residing in current district 20
Occupation United States Congresswoman, 36th district. Serves on Homeland Security and Small Business committees.
Family Parents are the late Ramona Hahn and Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn; sister of James Hahn, former Mayor of Los Angeles; two sons, Danny and Mark, and daughter, Katy
Education Abilene Christian University, teaching degree
Previous offices held Los Angeles City Councilmember and chaired the Council’s Trade, Commerce, and Tourism Committee, and oversaw the Port of LA, LA Convention Center, and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); Charter Reform Commission, 15th
Goals if elected My goals and priorities are to strive for: fair wages, job security, health care for all, protecting Social Security and Medicare, good working conditions, and most importantly, continuous job growth and creation. New jobs are of vital importance to this area, our state and nation. I will dedicate my time in office to creating more good-paying jobs and to write and support legislation that provides for comprehensive social and economic justice for all.
Platform Despite the toxic and partisan environment in Washington, I will continue to be a champion for workers, the advancement of their rights, and grow our nation’s middle class through consensus building. In my current role in Congress as the co-founder of the PORTS Caucus, I intend to lead in pushing for reforms to ensure our Port’s continued competitiveness by increasing trade and bringing more businesses to the Port, in order to create more good-paying middle-class jobs.
Top endorsements Los Angeles Times, Daily Breeze, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Los Angeles Daily News, Random Lengths News, California Democratic Party, California Labor Federation, Congresswoman Diane Watson, California Assemblymembers Bonnie Lowenthal and Ricardo Lara, California Senator Betty Karnette, Long Beach Councilmembers Robert Garcia and Gerrie Schipske
Campaign website

Laura Richardson
Laura Richardson

Age 50
Political party Democrat
Years residing in Long Beach 20 (approx.)
Years residing in current district Owned in district (San Pedro) for over 20 years, returned in January
Occupation 37th District United States Congressional Representative
Family Not married, no children
Education University of California Los Angeles, bachelor’s degree in political science; University of Southern California, master’s degree in business administration
Previous office(s) held California assemblymember, Long Beach councilmember
Nonprofit/professional affiliations Machinists Union, IAM, Long Beach Democratic Club, Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic Club, Argie Taylor Ministries (my church), NAACP, National Council of Negro Women, Wrigley Neighborhood Area Alliance (community group)
Goals if elected • Creating jobs and improving our economy, protecting Social Security and Medicare for seniors and the disabled, increasing access to health care, increasing access to education
Platform I will continue to support the President’s efforts to bring our troops home and refocus our country on domestic issues including local job creation, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and increasing access to health care and education. I will open congressional offices in each city in the new 44th district, as I did when elected to the 37th district, ensuring that federal resources are available to everyone who needs them.
Top endorsements United States Congressmembers Maxine Waters, Karen Bass, Barbara Lee, Joe Baca; Congressional Black Caucus PAC; California Legislative Black Caucus; Sheriff Lee Baca; Compton Mayor Eric Perrodin; Compton Councilmembers Yvonne Arceneaux and Lillie Dobson; Carson Councilmember Lula Davis Holmes; Long Beach Councilmembers Steve Neal, Rae Gabelich and Dee Andrews
Campaign website

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