Bradley birthing instructor keeps childbirth natural

birthing-class.jpgBy Heather Posey
Staff Writer

A woman’s pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically intense time for any and all involved. But for those looking for a nurturing alternative to traditional childbirth methods, local birthing instructor Andrea Gamble gives mothers and fathers-to-be a helping hand.
For nearly one year, Gamble has been an independent, certified instructor of the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, a system of natural labor techniques. With this system, a woman and her coach play an active part through increasing self-awareness, nutrition, exercise and educational classes.
“It relies on nature and teaches the mother to stay fit and relaxed and just focuses on natural childbirth,” said Gamble.
A true believer of the Bradley Method, Gamble stumbled upon the birthing alternative in a prenatal yoga class and found its intimate nature comforting for her first pregnancy.
“It’s very natural, and they talked about interventions, and it’s 12 weeks of classes so it made me feel very comfortable,” she said.
After her second pregnancy, she decided to take her interest one step further, helping other expecting moms during their time of need.
“Lots of people don’t know there’s a lot of alternatives out there,” said Gamble. “Natural childbirth is beautiful and natural and I wanted to share that with other women.”
Unlike popular childbirth classes offered in hospitals and clinics, Gamble’s classes are a 12-week-long series taught out of her own home in Long Beach. Her courses include videos, a workbook, and nutrition information, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.
“From what I know, most of the Lamaze and hospital classes are stereotyped with breathing exercises for when you’re in labor. They don’t offer any coping techniques for when you’re actually about to have the baby,” she said. “We do abdominal breathing exercises and visualization and rely on the husband or coach for emotional support.”
Many of Gamble’s students are couples who claim that after taking the classes they feel not only empowered by their newfound knowledge, but also confidence and a closeness with their spouse or partner.
“People are unaware of all of the feelings and actions that occur during childbirth, but the information gives them knowledge and a lot of men feel no fear going into it because of what they learned,” said Gamble.
And according to www, nearly 90 percent of moms who use the Bradley Method had natural vaginal births without using any form of pain medication. Gamble hopes that more women will turn to natural childbirth and see the beauty in the experience.
“It’s a beautiful thing and something our body was made to do.”
The cost of Gamble’s 12-week birthing class series is $300 and includes an informative workbook for students. For more information, contact Andrea Gamble at (562) 208-4383 or visit

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