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<strong>Dining together earlier this month at Five Crowns Restaurant, Long Beach residents Wade and Ramona Andrews (right) celebrate their 54 years of marriage (their anniversary is on June 21) with friends David and LaHoma Sundstrom (left), who celebrated their 55th anniversary on June 15.</strong>
by Neena Strichart

We do our best to publish stories every week that will inform and entertain our readers. Whether the content is political in nature or more of a feature story, one of my priorities is to offer up news and information that is not readily available through other local media-type sources– be they in print or online.
This week I want to use my column to share some good news that has come to my attention.
Many of us go to charity functions, enter silent auctions, buy raffle tickets or fill out slips of paper and put them in the drawing hopper hoping to win something. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. I am one who has a tendency to win. Over the years I’ve won two television sets, a computer, a beautiful color printer, dinner gift certificates, tickets to plays and movies, jewelry, candy, wine and more wine, and so much more that I’m sure I’ve forgotten about.
A few months back I bought two tickets in hopes of winning a great prize from the Pythian Youth Foundation. As a fundraiser, it sold tickets where the winner of the drawing and two guests would receive instructions from a professional pilot instructor on an advanced-technology Gulfstream Business Jet Aircraft simulator at the Gulfstream Training Center in Long Beach. As an extra bonus, the winner and those same two guests would also have the opportunity to dine at the Chelsea Chowder House and Bar aboard the Queen Mary.
Well, the drawing took place last month, and the winner was Elizabeth Boyar, a Glendora resident. When I recently spoke with Mrs. Boyar over the phone, her enthusiasm was unbridled! Her words to me were, “I am thrilled; I’m going to fly. We’re going to have a wonderful time!” When I asked her how many tickets she bought, her response (with laughter in her voice) was, “A lot!” Congratulations!
<strong>Glendora resident Elizabeth Boyar was the big winner of the Knights of Pythias raffle.</strong>
Speaking of good news, being a winner and having luck on your side, local business owner Wade Andrews of Bixby Knolls Realty and A&W Financial stopped by the office a couple of weeks ago to handle some business with us, and while he was here he let me know that he and his wife Ramona would be celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary on June 21. While I was telling Wade how impressed I was with the longevity of his marriage, he was quick to interrupt by telling me that his pal David Sundstrom and bride LaHoma had beaten them out by a year and would be celebrating 55 years of wedded bliss on June 15. Talk about hitting the jackpot– these two couples really hit it big!

Thoughts From The Publisher

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