Blowing smoke?

The largest newspaper in the Long Beach area seems unwilling to print editorials which point out the following information: The City of Long Beach appears to be making so much money in taxes and fees from the marijuana dispensaries that they are not interested in enforcing their own ordinances! The Long Beach ordinance requires a public hearing prior to opening a dispensary, yet none of the dispensaries has ever had a public hearing.
The Long Beach Ordinance requires that there be a distance of 1000 feet from parks and schools, yet several openly operate in far shorter distances. For example, in the building identified as 301 East Atlantic, there is a unlicensed, unpermitted dispensary less than 50 feet from a tutoring/mentoring facility (Rising Tide as MKEC INC) which serves about 100 inner-city children and youth daily– Monday through Thursday, 2:30pm to 7pm.
Also Stevenson Elementary School is less than a thousand feet from this dispensary.
I have written to the following officials in Long Beach: Mayor, City Attorney, Council Members, and Chief of Police, and, so far, no action.
Why will they not enforce their own marijuana dispensary ordinances on the books?
Yet another dispensary close to the north end of Signal Hill is at the rear part of the building at 1069 East Wardlow and is less than 50 feet from the nearest home! ­

Robert Stearns
Signal Hill

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