Weapon of mass discussion

Yes, children, guns kill, as do knives, hammers, spears, poison, rocks, even water in drowning, to name a few. Before guns were even invented, people were killing each other for one reason or another. So, let’s face it– blame it on the human animal’s instinct to kill, not the weapon used in execution of the murder.
Now wouldn’t it be a better idea to find out how to solve the reason some people want to kill another human? It really isn’t a civilized action, so why do so many do it? Our service men and women are coming home from the conflict they are forced to experience with mental wounds so severe, due to the inhumanity of man, that they are lost to a world they thought they were making into a better place. Guns don’t kill– hungry animals and people do.
Filling our prisons with felons is a great alternative to murder, but a better solution would be to discover why anyone wants to eliminate one, or a multitude, of humans. It could be a biological response to our beginnings as is sex or food-gathering is.
I truly don’t believe it will ever happen, but with all of the money spent on wars and training to kill, it would be nice if someone would find the gene that tells humans to love or help each other find a solution to a nagging hurt rather than kill another human.

Vivian C. Nelson
Long Beach

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