SHPD shares tips to prevent car burglaries

As with many other cities, Signal Hill has been the location of a series of car burglaries. In an effort to curb criminal behavior, specifically car burglary, the Signal Hill Police Department is offering the following prevention tips:
• Hide valuables. Smash-and-dash car burglars are opportunists. Keeping valuables at home or with you is the best way to deter this criminal behavior. If you must take your valuable items with you, car floors, dashboards and seats are not good places to leave them. Hide them out of sight in the trunk before you get to your location.
• Park your car in a visible/high-traffic area. The last thing burglars want is attention or witnesses to their crime. Park your car in a crowded area.
• Make burglaries difficult. Every hurdle you can provide makes it more likely that a burglar will move on. Following these simple steps can provide an added layer of security against car burglaries: roll up windows completely (even a small opening makes it much easier for a burglar to break into your vehicle); do not leave anything in plain sight, including your keys; activiate your security system, attached to your key ring, and use any other anti-theft device that you have available.
• Know your surroundings, and trust your instincts. If you see suspicious activity, find somewhere else to park and don’t confront the suspects. Notify the Signal Hill Police Department at (562) 989-7200, and, if you feel there is an eminent threat to your safety or the safety of another, call 911 immediately.

Source: SHPD

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