Party with a purpose

Letter food drive pic
After several weeks of planning…we created and hosted a “Back to the ‘80s” luau block party and community food drive for the Long Beach Rescue Mission on Aug. 11 at the 400 block of West 31st Street. It was a huge success, with nearly 300 attendees soaking up the sun, fun, food and music, [and yielding] eight barrels of food.
Local resident Hector deejayed the event, and there was dancing in the streets for hours after the crowd chowed down on barbequed chicken, hot dogs, fish and a huge assortment of homemade side dishes brought by all the neighbors and guests.
Totally 80s provided two sets live music of the greatest ‘80s hits along with other local entertainers who contributed to the festive atmosphere.
Vino Direct provided wine tasting of some fabulous imported wines from Italy.
We’d like to give special thanks to the local businesses that generously donated their goods and services: Servando at Orozco’s Auto Service; Frank Buono at Buono’s Pizzeria; Ruben and Sylvia at Guadalupe’s Mexican Grill; Michelle and Enrique Perez at Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant; Chad McAskill at Walgreens; Siegfried [Heger of Vino Direct]; John and Naomi of Sweredoski Farms; and Kia at Kia’s Kreations.

Darrell and Ali Barrett
Long Beach

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