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rae2.jpgOn my recent vacation to Waikiki Beach, I realized the importance of proper planning and how wise it is to master plan an area for how it will function and look for the next 20 years.
As a flight attendant in my earlier life, I had the privilege of visiting Waikiki on the island of Oahu every week for over 14 years. As a person in my 20s, I enjoyed it, but I’m not so sure I appreciated at the time what it was back then.
Today, Waikiki is saturated with hotels and massive chain stores that seem to have sucked the life out of the charm and aloha spirit of Hawaii. Some see this as progress and good development, without knowing differently– but for those of us who remember the special charm, we wonder what the leadership was thinking.
There is currently a discussion among Hawaii’s leaders about how to attempt to control massive development of over 850 acres on the North Shore of Oahu. They recognize that to succeed they will need more thinking, more discussion and more planning. As a former Hawaii governor stated, “otherwise, we will continue to drift from project to project, and incrementally we will lose what we hold most dear about Hawaii.”
Well, in our little corner of the world known as the 8th District of Long Beach, many of you have shared your concerns about proper planning as we see development moving our way through our redevelopment corridors and adjoining neighborhoods.
These conversations have led us to the creation of the 8th District Vision Coalition to help define the possibilities for our community. We will begin meeting this month. If you can make the time commitment to participate in the development of a specific plan, please contact our office manager, Rose Stevens, at (562) 570-6685.
For those of you who have the interest, but are short on the time, our updated general plan, referred to as the Long Beach 2030 Plan, will be discussed at public meetings throughout the city in the coming months. The city staff will be asking for your input and sharing the outcome of the many community fairs that were held citywide last year.
I’d like to extend a special welcome to our new Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association (BKBIA) executive director, Blair Cohn. Blair comes to this position recognizing the importance of bringing the residential and business communities of our area together. It is critical that these two entities support each other to bring continued success to our neighborhoods.
Without consistent support from our residents, the mom-and-pop stores and small businesses that we say we love will continue to diminish.
Join Blair and his new walking group “The Strollers” at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings at the Starbucks at Atlantic and San Antonio to take an hour’s walk through both residential and commercial areas of our Bixby Knolls community. It is a fun way to begin your day, meet new friends and get a real view of what Bixby Knolls has to offer.
In closing, I want to acknowledge the opportunity to serve our district for an additional four years. I look forward to working together with you to improve our quality of life here in the 8th District.
Thank you for your trust and support! Stay Involved!
– Rae

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