Art students invite art-walkers to… NOW see this

<strong>“Planning” by Carrie Yury </strong>

“Planning” by Carrie Yury

An exhibition of works by Long Beach-based graduate students and alumni from CSULB and UCI who say they are “stirring the contemporary pot and infusing the Long Beach art arena with new and challenging visual poetry” will be on display at the First Fridays Art Walk. 
NOW is an exhibition curated by Hilary Norcliffe that steps into the canvas and off of the pedestal with a grouping of installations, performance/interactive works, sculpture, photography, drawings and paintings. During the art walk, performance artists Jeff&Gordon will present their next “things we do” act. Also on hand will be the sculptural work of Tina Linville and Vav Vavrek’s “Eraser Love Seat.”
The exhibit will be presented at the Expo Arts Center, 4321 Atlantic Ave.

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