Vexation without representation?

I was stunned to read the condoning [by] Shirley Thomas (“DeLong and Short of It,” Oct. 19, 2012, Letters to the Editor) of Gary DeLong’s assault on a young woman who attended the recent League of Women Voters Congressional candidate forum at CSULB.
The fact that Mr. DeLong was unable to control himself and acted irrationally when provoked, speaks volumes to his lack of character. In my opinion, he is no different than a man who rapes a woman because she is provocatively dressed, while Ms. Thomas cheers him on chanting, “She’s asking for it!”
Mr. DeLong’s lack of self-restraint also reflects his arrogance and does not express the quality of the people of Long Beach, and for this he should not be allowed to represent us in Congress.

Carmen Lourdes Valdés
Long Beach

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