SH Petroleum donates $15,000 to local rancho

<strong>Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation Trustee Jerry Miller (far left) and Executive Director Pamela Seager (far right) accept a $15,000 check from Debra Russell and Amanda Kilpatrick of Signal Hill Petroleum.</strong>
The Signal Hill-based energy company Signal Hill Petroleum recently made a $15,000 donation to Rancho Los Alamitos (RLA) that will support the Rancho’s educational enrichment and school tour program, which allows Long Beach students to learn about California history in an historical setting.
“The donation comes at a marvelous time for Rancho Los Alamitos,” said Rancho Los Alamitos Executive Director Pamela Seager. “With our new Rancho Center exhibitions and the restored historic Barns Area open to the public, Rancho Los Alamitos has expanded its capacity for educational programming, and these funds will allow more children to experience the site and take advantage of related enrichment materials.”
Approximately 6,000 school children each year participate in the school tour program as part of their study of California history. At a time when many schools are cutting back on off-site field trips and enrichment programs, Signal Hill Petroleum and Rancho Los Alamitos are partnering to ensure that schools most hard hit by budget cutbacks will be assisted with transportation to and from the site and that their tours of the historic site will include educational materials that enhance the unique learning environment at Rancho Los Alamitos, according to a press release issued by Finn Partners public-relations firm.
This unique environment inspired RLA Celebration Committee member Debra Russell to support educational programs at Rancho Los Alamitos through her role as Director of Business Development & Community Relations at Signal Hill Petroleum. Russell joined her children during a field trip with neighboring Prisk Elementary in Long Beach. “I immediately saw the beauty, importance and need to continue these programs for future generations of school children,” she said.
David Slater, executive vice president of Signal Hill Petroleum, said, “We are proud to support Rancho Los Alamitos and its educational mission with one of our largest grants to directly benefit the children of our community. Our support of Rancho Los Alamitos reflects our strong commitment to education, but it also reflects the close connection between the history of our company and the involvement of Rancho Los Alamitos in the development of the oil industry in Signal Hill and Long Beach.”

Source: Finn Partners


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