Got the blues? Being a bit moody can be a good thing

Photos by Shoshanah Siegel/Signal Tribune<br><strong> My Frida Kahlo-inspired blue wall with its perfect complement– an orange-red door and artwork.</strong>
Shoshanah Siegel

The first step in decorating with color is usually the most difficult; where to begin? It is much easier to decorate when you have a definite idea of the mood you want to create and then develop the design of the room around the mood.
Color preferences are very personal. Find the ones that evoke memories and elevate your mood, and you’ll find that decorating is much easier– and more fun.
Through my column you will be introduced to different colors, what they symbolize, and what feelings or moods they evoke.
I love color, but my all-time favorite is blue. So when I recently saw an exhibit at the Min Gei International Museum in San Diego, called True Blue, I was thrilled. With inspiration from the exhibit, and the desire for cooler weather, here is an exploration of the color blue.

Illustrious blue
Worldwide, blue is the most sought-after color. It is truly the world’s color– blue sky, blue sea, blue jeans, and all other things dependable and consoling.

Exterior colors
The first image that comes to mind is white colonial homes with blue shutters. There are historic and non-historic colors of blue. Try the lighter tones of Dunn Edwards’ Two Harbors, or the darker accent of Sherwin Williams’ Indigo Batik.

Children’s rooms
Forget the stereotypical pink for girls and blue for boys. Blue or a blue-green are quiet and serene. They can also be used for an accent wall or as an accessory.
<strong>The combination of an antique dresser and soft blue walls creates a relaxing and peaceful bedroom.</strong>

Adult bedrooms
Blue has long been a favorite for bedrooms because of its relaxing feel. If your bedroom is where you unwind, blue is a good choice.

Blue is a natural in an area where water is present. But the blue needs to be balanced with some warm colors. Try Pratt and Lambert’s Scrim of Mist with the warm tones of their Glamorous.

The family room
This is an ideal place to use blue. Choose a blue that leans a bit to periwinkle, such as Blue Heather from Benjamin Moore, which has a warm undertone.

Dens and studies
These are the rooms that are perfect for deeper blues, as they encourage relaxation and contemplation. Don’t forget to use accents of orange. Using a shade of these colors together will enhance the other.

Kitchens and dining areas
Blue china is a special favorite in everything from traditional Spode Blue Italian Dinnerware or modern Noritake Colorwave Blue.
If you choose the color blue, you are trusting and need to be trusted. You are sensitive to the needs of others and form strong attachments. You are generally even-tempered and reliable. Or true blue!


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