Greenly Art Space exhibits works created by children in Sierra Leone

<strong>Photograph by Alan Goble of bracelets made by participants in a contemplative-art project in the Sierra Leone.  </strong>
Artist and gallery owner Kimberly Hocking of Greenly Art Space, 2698 Junipero Ave., in Signal Hill, has created an exhibit that presents the artistic contemplation of love, joy, peace and hope. The opening will be Saturday, Dec. 1 from 7pm to 9pm.
Cami Goble, who lives and works in Sierra Leone in West Africa, and Hocking conceptualized the project as a way to encourage individuals to consider the themes of Advent through both creating and viewing artwork.
Goble and Hocking had attended Biola University, where they became close friends. Goble was a middle-school teacher in Garden Grove for many years but always had a passion for working with the poor. She moved to Sierra Leone, West Africa nine years ago with the nonprofit organization Word Made Flesh, to live in community with the poor and do missionary work.
During Goble’s time in Sierra Leone, the two friends have worked together to create contemplative-art projects, which focus on meditation, contemplation and prayer. The current project was completed in Sierra Leone by children from Kroo Bay Slum and also the Lighthouse program, which works with youth who were affected by the war. These individuals participated in a tutoring program in which Goble presented the Advent project and had the youth utilize a variety of artistic media to reflect of the themes of love, joy, peace and hope.
<strong>Close-up of a photo of work done with tissue paper and glue by “Santos,” in the Sierra Leone</strong>
Photographs of the artwork and projects were taken by Goble’s husband Alan so that they could be shared with the US. The artwork created will be part of their Advent celebration in Sierra Leone this year. Photographs of work made this year in Africa will be on display at the Greenly exhibit.
In addition, there will be artwork by a variety of individuals, artists and untrained artistic contemplatives alike displayed at the gallery during the Christmas season. Every Sunday in December from 3pm to 5pm, the gallery will be open for individuals to reflect on the artwork and these themes in their own lives.
The exhibit can also be viewed by appointment or during regular gallery hours. To make an appointment, call (562) 533-4020. Gallery hours will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am to 2pm through Jan. 1, and Greenly will be closed Dec. 24 through Dec. 28.

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