Horticulture expert to discuss benefits of trees in urban areas

<strong>Jorge Ochoa is the director of the horticulture program at Long Beach City College. </strong>
What trees are the oldest in Long Beach? Which is the most historic? The rarest? Where are the most magnificent specimen trees in the city?
Jorge Ochoa knows. As the director of the horticulture program at Long Beach City College, Ochoa knows more about the area’s urban forest than almost anyone else. He’ll share that knowledge at the Dec. 5 meeting of the Long Beach Sierra Club.
Ochoa will explain the benefits of trees in an urban area such as Long Beach. Using slides and drawing on his study of the area’s little-known tree treasures, Ochoa will tour the street, park, backyard trees that make up the local urban forest. His tour will show some of the historic, oldest and most dramatic trees that otherwise go unnoticed by most of us.
His program, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 7:30pm at the Environmental Services Bureau, 2929 E Willow St.
The Long Beach Group is part of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club. The group has more than 2,500 members and serves Cerritos, Hawaiian Gardens, Lakewood, Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Signal Hill and Seal Beach.

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