Let it count

March 5 is election day for the City of Signal Hill. There are three incumbents and four challengers for seats on the Signal Hill City Council. The future direction of the City will be in the hands of our elected officials.
These are important times for all of us to be active in the world around us, starting with our city of choice. Here’s how– vote.
As of Nov. 5, 2012, there were 5,923 active registered voters in Signal Hill. In the March 2011 City Council election, only 986 ballots were cast. Are you one of the 4,937 residents who didn’t vote? Can’t get to the polls? Vote by mail. Here’s how: (from the office of the Signal Hill City Clerk) A voter may apply to be a permanent VBM (Vote By Mail) voter at any time. As a permanent VBM voter, one no longer has to apply for a VBM ballot for each election. A ballot is automatically mailed to the voter for each election in which one is eligible to vote.
Here is the link to the form:
To apply for a regular VBM ballot, the voter may use the application on the back of the sample ballot booklet or may simply send a letter to the election official with the request. The request must include the voters name and address, with a mailing address if different from the residence address. The VBM period for the March 5 election is Feb. 4 to Feb. 26.
Remember– in the last election one candidate was re-elected by a single vote.
It’s your city. Your vote counts!

Louise Cunningham
Concerned Citizens of Signal Hill Committee

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