Traffic conditions

Thank you for the prompt follow-up article to my letter regarding the traffic engineering proposed for the Los Cerritos/Country Club neighborhood. Sean Belk did a good job of researching and reporting the issue.
Please don’t let this story drop off your radar– you are the only media representative who is making the public aware of the proposed changes. These changes negatively impact our fine neighborhood, and we should have a say in whether or not they are implemented.
FYI, I am still awaiting the courtesy of a response from any of the City representatives I contacted: [8th District Councilmember] Mr. [Al] Austin, [7th District Councilmember] Mr. [James] Johnson and [Long Beach Traffic Engineer] Mr. [Dave] Roseman. I requested the results of the survey that was distributed at the Jan. 9 meeting. Their silence tells much about the culture of secrecy prevalent in City Hall.

Mimi Fox
Long Beach

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