Letter to the Editor: Not water under the bridge

It was with great amazement (and sadness) that I watched the individuals who have promoted “The Right to Know and Vote” proposition defend the Water Replenishment District’s fee increases at Tuesday night’s Signal Hill City Council meeting. Two court rulings have found these fee increases to be illegal because of taxpayer protections established in Proposition 218.
It seems highly hypocritical that a group that insists that taxpayers need additional protections rejects the protections established for taxpayers through Proposition 218. Speakers with long presentations stated that they “didn’t think” it was good that the City had stepped up to defend its citizens against fees that were illegally increased.
I for one thank the Council for joining Cerritos and Downey in this action to protect the Citizens of Signal Hill.
The question that remains is, How loud would this group be screaming if the City had NOT taken action with other cities to stop these illegal fee increases? It really appears that no matter what action is taken, or for that matter, is not taken, there will always be some group that calculates politics to attack. I believe this sums it up clearly: damned if you do, more damned if you don’t.
Very sad.

Tom Benson
Signal Hill

Disclosure: Tom Benson is a Signal Hill Planning Commissioner.

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