City of Signal Hill unofficial election results 1

There are 176 provisional ballots to be counted Friday morning at 9am. Those ballots could change the results of the entire election. As of Tuesday night, the results are as follows:

<strong>Mike Noll: 573 votes</strong>

Mike Noll: 573 votes

<strong>Lori Woods: 546 votes</strong>

Lori Woods: 546 votes

<strong> Ed Wilson: 475 votes</strong>

Ed Wilson: 475 votes

<strong>Ellen Ward: 472 votes</strong>

Ellen Ward: 472 votes

<strong>Elizabeth Wise: 393 votes</strong>

Elizabeth Wise: 393 votes

<strong> Bob Mendoza: 377 votes</strong>

Bob Mendoza: 377 votes

<strong>Nancy Sciortino: 351 votes</strong>

Nancy Sciortino: 351 votes

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One thought on “City of Signal Hill unofficial election results

  • Lori Woods

    This was an amazing adventure. THANK YOU Signal Hill for your vote of confidence in me and in my campaign themes.
    Look for your invitation to our Campaign Celebration Party…coming soon!