Schipske to offer candidate workshop

She offered it when she ran for re-election in 2006 and now that she will be termed out in 2014, Fifth District Councilmember Gerrie Schipske will again host a workshop for those interested in running for the 5th Council District seat.
“I love the 5th District and want to help recruit quality candidates and make sure our residents have some good choices,” said Schipske, who was first elected to the seat in 2006 and is serving in her second term. “With the election just 12 months away, anyone thinking of running should be starting his or her campaign.”
Schipske will brief potential candidates about the issues impacting the 5th District and discuss the system she and her staff use to respond to residents. She will also review the seven years of projects she has initiated and will also cover the basics of what she believes a candidate needs to do in order to be successful in the 5th District.
“The residents of the 5th District have come to expect information, contact and follow-up from their elected officials,” Schipske said. “They also expect candidates to walk door to door so they can get a chance to talk with you one-on-one. That takes a lot of work to win a campaign in this district because, geographically, the district is spread out across 11.5 square miles.”
Schipske notes that she will not seek a third term on the City Council by running as a write-in candidate. “I am concerned that term limits have resulted in so much turnover down at City Hall that major decisions and power gets placed in the hands of longtime employees instead of elected officials. But the voters approved term limits, and I respect that decision.”
Schipske will not make an endorsement for the 5th District but pledged that once her replacement is elected, she will make the transition as “smooth as possible so that residents won’t see an interruption in service.”
Residents of the 5th Council District interested in running for the council seat in 2014 are invited to attend the workshop on Wednesday, March 20, from 5pm to 6:30pm in the large conference room of the Parks and Recreation Administration Building at 2760 Studebaker Rd.

Source: Schipske’s office

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