Letter to the Editor: ‘Sig’ alert?

It seems residents must always fight with Long Beach City Hall to get it to do the right thing.
Recently, Wrigley Heights residents had to learn about a proposed new traffic signal at Pacific Avenue and Wardlow Road from the Signal Tribune. Even if not required by law, surely the City could have notified those of us in northernmost Wrigley who will be adversely affected by the new signal. (The City says it sent out 3,400 notices, apparently all to residents of Los Cerritos.)
Once the Metro Blue Line began operation (1990), getting out of the single entrance/exit of our neighborhood at Magnolia Avenue and Wardlow [Road] became difficult during rush hours, as frequent trains cause traffic to back up to the west well beyond Magnolia, and drivers often block the intersection.
Years ago we asked the City for help. We were promised better synchronization between the traffic signals and the approaching trains, but it hasn’t happened. And with such frequent trains and so many cars, it’s difficult to believe better synchronization could ever solve the problem. But please don’t make matters even worse by adding another traffic signal.

Anita Pettigrew
Long Beach

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