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<strong>The only green I would stay clear of for the front of your house is bright green. However, one of the writer’s accent walls in her back yard of a spring green is Benjamin Moore’s “Perennial” (405). It is an ideal color to highlight her collection of cactus.</strong>
Shoshanah Siegel

If you missed my column introducing you to the world of color, here is a little update. I wrote that it is much easier to decorate when you have a definite idea of the mood you want to create then develop the design and colors of the room around the mood.
When you select colors remember that we all have preferences towards certain colors, and it is very personal.
In honor of St. Patty’s Day, I would like to introduce you to the color green. Even if you have no Irish blood, the color green is sure to evoke a negative or positive response. Kermit the Frog knew how complex the color green is when he said: “It’s not easy being green.” Of all the colors in the universe, the widest range distinguishable is in the vast variety of greens. On the negative side, the color green has been perceived as being eerie, supernatural, or sick. However, for this column, I will focus on the color as being natural and pleasant.
On a side bar… Right about now you might be thinking to yourself, “Didn’t Shoshanah feature the color green in a past column?” The answer would be yes. However, green was grouped in with three other colors that were selected as the color of the year by trend forecasters. Now, I would like to make the color green center stage.

Decorating with green Because our eyes are accustomed to seeing green found in nature, this color is at home in every room in the house. However some shades work better than others.

Living and family rooms
In rooms where people gather, you want to create a comfortable environment. The living room and family room are where green shines because it is a great background to feature other colors. Pratt and Lambert’s Dried Bay Leaf (15-24) is lively and perfect to pair with a gray blue of “Steel” (28-22) and a soft golden white of their “Dover White” (33-6). For a modern twist, couches and chairs in warm grays pair perfectly with splashes of lime green in the pillows and accessories.

<strong>Benjamin Moore’s "Brookside Moss" (2145) provides a sunny greeting of a medium-toned green. The metal art piece adds dimension and introduces the warm colors that are featured throughout the home.  </strong>
Benjamin Moore’s “Brookside Moss” (2145) provides a sunny greeting of a medium-toned green. The metal art piece adds dimension and introduces the warm colors that are featured throughout the home.

Bedrooms Green creates a calm, cool, and collected feel. If your bedroom is your sanctuary, then a sage green such as Benjamin Moore’s “Elemental” (AF-400) paired with a rich purple of their “Buenas Noches” (AF-635) is calming yet has a luxurious feel. Another rich combination is Pratt and Lambert’s deeper yellow green of “Seed of Life” (13-18) combined with a light brown of “Pinecone Tan (7-22) and a warm yellow of “Indian Ivory” (9-31).

Kitchens and dining rooms As we are becoming more aware of what we eat and going more organic, the color green enables us to create a healthier-feeling environment. For a vintage and calming approach, combine Sherwin Williams’ medium spring green “Hearts of Palms” (SW6415) for the walls and pair it with “Urbane Bronze”(SW7048), a warm almost-black for the cabinets. Complete the look with trim painted in a clean white such as “Crisp Linen” (SW6378). For a more bold and playful feel to your kitchen, feature accent walls by painting them a bright citrine such as Benjamin Moore’s “Grape Green” (2027-40). Ground the room with cabinets in black such as Benjamin Moore’s “Wrought Iron” (2124-10). To keep it fresh, bring in accent colors of fuchsia with Benjamin Moore’s “Royal Flush” (2076-20) or a rich blue of Benjamin Moore’s “Lucerne” (AF-530).

Bathrooms Green is the perfect color to create a relaxed spa like feel to your bathroom. Sherwin Williams’ “Softened Green” (SW6177) is perfect for the walls. Also, bring in the color of sand with Sherwin Williams’ “Sand Dollar” (SW6099).

Dens or offices Green is not only the color of nature, it is also the color often identified with money. Medium or dark greens such as Pratt and Lambert’s “Thyme Green” (16-79) or Benjamin Moore’s “Caldwell Green” (124) are great to pair with warm red tones of wood paneling or furniture. These colors would be perfect for waiting rooms for accountants, stockbrokers, or banks.

Exterior Green is the perfect color for most architectural styles. In a future article I will be going into more detail about exterior colors. One fun fact is that in Long Beach we have seven historical districts. Painting Craftsman and California Bungalow style homes green is still one of the favorite choices of homeowners. The combinations are endless, but here is one: Benjamin Moore’s “Wethersfield Moss” (HC-110) along with “Shaker Beige” (HC-45) and “Quincy Tan” (HC-25).

Choosing green As a green person, you are a balance of warmth and coolness, which means that you are usually stable and balanced. You are a good citizen, concerned parent, involved neighbor, and a joiner of clubs and organizations. You are fastidious, kind, and generous.

Shoshanah Siegel provides color consulting as well as space planning, remodeling, upgrading and staging through her firm Your Color Diva. She can be contacted at (562) 427-0440 or at or .

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